Like many in 2020, I missed playing games with friends and I signed up to Roll20 to escape the world of Covid. With an experienced game master to explain complicated character sheets and the rather unintuitive user interface, everything went swimmingly; but when I started running games myself for my family there was the game began to ‘drag on’ (painful pun intented).

Now, I wouldn’t describe my family as luddites, but they certainly spend more time outdoors than stuck in a dark room with their faces glued to a computer monitor. Despite my best attempts, we were spending more time…

If you are a game developer looking to bring your game to China you will need to get an approval code. Here’s what the Chinese guidelines have to say:

Review and Approval of Publishing Online Games by Overseas Copyright Holders


The decision of the State Council on Establishing Administrative Licensing for Administrative Examination and Approval Projects That Must Be Retained (State Council Decree №412) Annex №328: Review and Approval of Publishing Online Publications (including Online Games) Authorized by Overseas Copyright Owners.


1. The business scope of the publishing unit must include online game publication.

2.The online game authorised…

My budget Origin Story

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to have money left over at the end of the month? I wondered that all the time three years ago. Having any sort of savings seems impossible and the fear of not making rent payment was constantly there. It is exactly this fear that forced me to think hard of ways of changing

When you don’t have enough to buy food

Budgeting is not about setting a limit on your spending. Budgeting is about giving yourself permission to spend, wisely. Because it allows you to see clearly how much money is coming in and how much…

Presenting at Cambridge Tech and Beer
Presenting at Cambridge Tech and Beer

I am Maggie and I have worked with Chinese and western businesses as a translator and interpreter for over 5 years.

Today I’m going to talk about some key differences between China and the West in terms of technology.


10 Reward Schemes That Would Get You £ 100 Worth of Freebies Without Having to Spend a Penny

image from Krispy Kreme website
  1. Krispy Kreme

A free doughnut on your birthday and random “we miss you” complimentary doughnut of choice.

Krispy Kreme’s doughnut

When I first moved in with my husband in Cambridge at the age of 25, I made one of the boldest but perhaps most rewarding decision to buy a two-bedroom house in Cambridge. It was a shared ownership scheme which allows us to buy 25% of the house value and rent the remaining 75% from the housing association. Due to an admin fault in my husband’s credit several years ago, we realised we wouldn’t be able to secure a mortgage in time for this deal. …

Cambridge is a beautiful historic English city, home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Here is how you can maximize your experience in Cambridge.


Cambridge university runs a collegiate system, with 31 colleges being the social hub for the students. Visiting colleges is a must-do for a lot of people visiting Cambridge. The top three colleges to visit are: King’s College, Trinity College and St Johns College.

Colleges’ opening time for visitors often vary as they are often closed when something important is going on in colleges, such as exams. If you can’t make it…

Marinate: a pinch of garlic, a pinch of black pepper powder, 1 tbsp rice wine (red wine), 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp vegetable oil…

The Maclins

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